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Are you M.A.D?


Are you M.A.D. ? Haha, what I meant to ask is if you are Mad About Dance! How about going for a power-packed dance oriented workout session?

Located inside Centrepoint shopping mall, near Burjuman, M.A.D. is a dance and fitness studio that answers and caters to all you dance loving souls!


I attended sessions from 3 different fitness routine they offer and this is what I thought –

  1. Madx Fitness routine

As the name suggests this fitness routine was definitely extreme! The peppy music and the motivating instructor sure helps us to get to our best shape. The workout includes repetitive high powered dance moves that would move every muscle of your body. People who love to dance and looking out for a high intensity workout session should definitely enroll for these classes! Towards the end of the class, there are exercises that help develop, strengthen the core muscles. Exercises with light weights are also part of the routine.

My entire body was sore the next day which means yay! It works!

Ideal for – Those who want a high intensity workout.


  1. Bhangra Class

Bhangra workout routine? Yes, you could only imagine the fun! This class includes pumpy energetic bhangra music and choreographed steps. Unlike the Madx routine, this one is lower in intensity and perfect to enjoy yourself and de-stress your mind! The entire one hour gives you a happy celebrative mood. They even have a DHOL, which is played live at the end of the session!

Ideal for Those who wants a light, yet fun workout session.

  1. Zumba

This was definitely my personal favorite workout routine attended at M.A.D. What I found made this class unique was that, they played actual Zumba songs unlike other studios that play Bollywood music! The workout routine involves a lot of movements that impact the belly and rear area. (!!A lot of twerking and booty shaking!!). The workout session is of a duration of one hour non-stop, in the intensity of a high-low-high-low pattern. Special mention to the trainer Anusha, who made it such a  motivating class with her energetic moves and expressions! 🙂

Loved this session so much and was so engrossed that I could not take any pictures!

Ideal for those who want focus on hip/belly area. Love to dance and wants a moderate intensity workout.

They also have Yoga, Lyrical Hip-Hop. Bollywood freestyle and Jazz/Contemporary and many other fantastic classes!


Get in touch which them at Facebook:madaboutdancedubai


Youtube: MAD (Mad AboutDance) 


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