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Black Salt – Modern Culinary Art

This hidden gem located at University road, Sharjah, is the perfect example of modern gastronomy. The interiors are sleek and modern look. Pretty lighting hanging from the ceiling, wooden tables, mini flower pots all adds upto the pretty interiors.



Fiery Bites : Cripsy chicken bites served smothered in in-house fiery sauce and string fries. Tasted crunchy and good.

Mac n Cheese Nachos : Classic mac n cheese coated with crispy Doritos. Tasted no combination like this before. Delicious and cheesy. 

Salmon Tikka with Ruffles : Love loved this dish. Soft delicious cubes of Scandinavian salmon, served tikka spices, on top of sour cream ruffles. YUM!



Quinoa Tabouleh : Loved the presentation, i mean just look at it! Id definitely eat all my veggies if it came in a mudpot (haha). Tabouleh with quinoa, dressed with citrus vinaigrette.


Main course 

Sambal Olek Chicken : This was my favorite under the main dish. Sambal Olek is a type of hot sauce in its purest form. But the one in Black Salt was not so spicy. So dont worry, go ahead and order it. Boneless chicken breast covered with creamy sambal olek sauce, served with a portion of peruvian rice.

Shish Towk on Paratha : Another interesting dish. Its got Paratha(yum), fries (yumm) and kebabs (yummm)!! 

Butter Chicken Chow : Unfortunately, this dish did not meet my expectations. Although it looks delicious and tempting, the butter chicken curry had a very overpowering tomato puree taste that I did not enjoy. 

Wagyu sliders and Crispy Chicken sliders : Burgers! Yes! These babies were delicious, i’d prefer Wagyu over the crispy chicken ones.

The presentation for the drinks were phenomenal. I’d say that Black Salt has taken the drinks scene in Sharjah to the next level!

Fresh Orange juice : I mean come on its U.A.E., even fresh juice gotta look this good!

Electric Mojito with blackberry : Prettiest drink at Black Salt. Look at that blue color (LOVE)! 

Jalapeno Watermelon : Sweet watermelon juice with a spicy aftertaste.

Classic Pina Colada : Once again, Black Salt took presentation to the next level. Tasted delicious. 

Amaretto and Lemon Chiller :


The desserts in Black Salt were fantastic, in terms of presentation and taste.

Date cake in Cage : Sweet date cake with cream caged inside a hard caramel designed cage.

Red Velvet tower : Absolutely enjoyed this one. The perfect amount of sweetness and cream. The presentation was amazing. Red velvet placed in a glass tower. The nitrogen smoke undoubtedly boosted the presentation. 

Milk cake with White Chocolate Dome : Personally not a big fan of white chocolate. The white chocolate dome melts to reveal mini cakes and strawberries. A bit too sweet for my taste.

Overall, enjoyed my experience at Black Salt. Will definitely be visiting again soon.


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