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Call It Yummy!

Call it Yummy, a fun quirky café in Rolla run by a mother-daughter duo. The atmosphere in the café is so welcoming and warm. It has a personal touch to it because the café has no waiters, it’s the fun duo that serve the customers. From the colorful Bollywood themed interiors, to the music everything screams perfection for a hangout spot with your family or friends!


call it yummy


Getting into food now, the place specializes in north indian snacks like chaats, pav bhaji etc.

We started off with Pav Bhaji Fondue. This dish was particularly exciting for me, because I’ve not tried anything like this in Sharjah, and finding this in my city was wonderful! The dish was served on a plate with a mini pan which had the bhaji fondue. The fondue had some goeey cheese mixed with, making it thick and delicious. The pav buns came as small square block pieces. They were soft and blessed with ghee. I absolutely loved this dish and was surprised to find it in Sharjah at such a pocket friendly price.


pav bhaji


Next came a platter with steaming hot Samosa, sugary jalebi and crisp samosa puff. The samosas were nice and spicy and the sweet jalebis did complement each other.




I love dahi chaats and this Cripsy Aloo tikki chat definitely had  dahi in abundance. Topped with pomegranate,red and green sauces. The potato was soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Make sure to eat them as soon as served, or else the crispy potato could get soggy being in dahi.  I luuuurvve potato, and so I really enjoyed this dish.


aloo chaat


We got our drinks, one sweet and the other refreshing. Oreo Monster and Pacific lemonade. I felt the Oreo monster wasn’t thick enough in consistency. I personally like thick shakes. Pacific lemonade tasted similar to that of a basic lemon soda but pretty blue in color.


call it yummy

Honey chilli fries, for me personally brings in a lot of happy memories from my college days! Like they say all the best memories include food, mine included honey chili fries! The honey chili fries in C.I.Y. does not disappoint. Perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. I will definitely be ordering this next time! 🙂


honey chilli fries


Finally for desserts we got the Nutella Banana waffles. Nutella and banana sandwiched between 2 waffles drizzled with more Nutella. I would say that I have tasted better waffles. Even then, under the waffle section in CIY I would suggest ordering this one!


banana waffle


The interior is on point, the food was good, and the pricing is so pocket friendly! Sharjah-ites – This is the go to place for you when you just wanna hangout and have something delicious and light. Totally recommending this place for a pocket friendly, good food experience.






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