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    “You got buns, Hun?”

    “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”  Haha, no im not talking about Niki Minaj song, I am talking about the latest addition to the gastronomy scene in Dubai. None other than That Place, located in Jumeirah. Apart from the quirky name, the joint is unique for the reason that they serve only buns! Before you make any conclusion that it would be boring let me explain – they’ve got buns ranging from Shawarma buns to biriyani buns, satisfying your Desi-Arab soul! whaaaaaa… They’ve got a very interesting menu with certain bun fusions that would surprise you. One of that was the Shawarma tower – This fusion…

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    Jolie Café – Floral Paradise

    This quaint little café in City Walk looks straight out of your Floral dreams! Walls adorned with beautiful flowers and pretty interiors, this cafe has definitely got into my favorite list! Jolie means pretty in French, the first impression while you walk in is that of a meadow when at spring! They’ve great staffs that go out their way to welcome us and make us feel special. The entire café has everything related to flowers and floral that definitely makes it a floral paradise.   I ordered their Rose Cardamon Chai Latte. The presentation of the drink itself is bound to make you feel special! Flowers, roses makes every girl…

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    Call It Yummy!

    Call it Yummy, a fun quirky café in Rolla run by a mother-daughter duo. The atmosphere in the café is so welcoming and warm. It has a personal touch to it because the café has no waiters, it’s the fun duo that serve the customers. From the colorful Bollywood themed interiors, to the music everything screams perfection for a hangout spot with your family or friends!     Getting into food now, the place specializes in north indian snacks like chaats, pav bhaji etc. We started off with Pav Bhaji Fondue. This dish was particularly exciting for me, because I’ve not tried anything like this in Sharjah, and finding this…

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    Aappa Kadai

    Spotted in the heart of Karama (opposite Karama Park), this place serves justice to its name! The ambience is very basic and minimal, with dark green seating and wooden brown tables. They’ve got an area where one can see appams made live right in front of you! They’ve got an amazing list of the varieties of crisp steaming hot appams that one cannot resist! I tried three of their special appams! Chicken Kheema appam was definitely something different. Imagine having small soft pieces of chicken in your appam! Egg Masala Appam was slightly more spicier and had the taste of delicious egg masala. Chili Chutney Appam, well as the name…

  • Lifen' One Jumeirah
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    One cafe by Life’n One – Prettiest vegan cafe in Dubai

    Dubai is ranked as one of the most happening and stylish cities in the world. The city is always buzzing. Be it work, studies or at home, one is always on the go. And sometimes you just stress yourself out so much, You need something to destress your mind and body. LifenOne is such a place that provides wellness to mind and body. They have effective yoga and Pilate sessions. The place gives out such great vibes. Motivational quotes and relaxing paintings everywhere. They also have rooms that can be rented if you want to conduct personal classes. Their outdoor yoga space is just so beautiful, with pretty colored cushions,…

  • Logma
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    Top 5 favorites from Logma

    Born and raised in Dubai my entire life, you can only imagine my love towards mandis, karak teas and lugaimats and anything Arabic. I’m listing down my top 5 from Logma, that i surely order at least each time i visit them.   Logma samboosas Logma is known for their delicious irresistible samboosas! Cheese samboosas are my all time favorite, it;s got cream cheese and oman chips. Now you know why, cheese+oman chips most memorable combination every kid who grew up in UAE! Soft and creamy inside and crisp outside. Beef and chicken samboosas are equally delicious too. (AED32)   Chicken Shawarma Chicken shawarma is my main dish that i order each time.…

  • roux
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    Roux is a homegrown modern eatery newly opened in City Walk Phase 2. A unique concept where a bakery, market place, and cafe all put together at one spot. Roux sources all its ingredients from local farms, their effort to promote and support farming in the country. The ambiance is perfect with its beautiful orange lights hanging and their Green Wall (wall with plant creepers on it).     Started off the with The Ultimate Fries. Well, everyone knows what a sucker for cheesy fries I am. So that wasn’t hard to decide on. In fact I had already decided on getting anything cheesy and fries-y. Fries loaded with creamy Parmesan, parsley, jalapenos and chives, did literally feel like the…