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Coffee? Tea? Coffeetea it is then!

We’ve got Coffee, we’ve got tea. But now we’ve got Coffeetea. I’m sure there are a few who loves coffee and tea equally (just like me) and sometimes it’s pretty hard to decide on what you wanna drink. Like how Dubai is the land of impossibe, a cute little cafe in Waterfront market Deira called Coffeetea has invented a new signature drink called ‘coffeetea’ where in you got both coffee and tea in one cup. As much as it sounds impossible, it does taste fantastic.

You could drink it two ways.

One, you could have the tea first and then the coffee or second, you can mix the two and drink them!

Now the important thing is, the drink has a very carefully done ratio, so even if you take a sip from the top layer of tea and mix them, it would ruin the taste. So you either have it one by one, or mix the entire thing at the start.

Absolutely found it interesting and you gotta put this on your list!

They’ve also got pretty (yes, they’ve got the prettiest colors) and delicious iced teas. My two favs were the Sakura Milk Tea and the Butterfly Pea Tea. Sakura Milk Tea has got a pretty white and pink color combination. They have absolutely no artificial flavors. The Sakura tea has got real Sakura flowers used to make the tea. The butterfly pea tea on the other hand has a beautiful mix of blue and green color. The color is got from natural dye derived from the flowers of the butterfly pea plant. Tastes very refreshing. 

Apart from their teas and coffes, they also have variety of dishes that one can devour.

Listing down my favorites

  1. Pepperoni Pizza Waffle: This unique combination was purely scrumptious. Absolutely loved how the waffle was loaded with cheese and pepperoni leaving no dry areas, so that each bite feels delicious keeping the taste consistent. 
  2. Dynamite Shrimps: I can confidently say that these are on my top list of dynamite shrimps in Dubai. The fresh shrimps fried to perfection and the thick dynamite sauce was literally a treat in the mouth each bite. Undeniably coming back for this one again! 
  3. Grilled Matcha Salmon: So we’ve had matcha tea, matcha desserts..but what’s Matcha Salmon? I was definitely taken aback by how well salmon and Matcha sauce paired. The dish had grilled soft salmon, so delectable with mashed potato (who doesn’t love potato?) and matcha sauce. I would recommend this as a delicious, filling main course from Coffeetea. 
  4. Nachos Burger: Eating sin would look like this. Meaty patty loaded with cheese and nachos! Yes nachos, you heard that right! This was something that I couldn’t eat alone, so I suggest you have a sharing partner! The patty is thick and filling! The nachos give a fantastic crunch to the burger. Served with thick fries too! Time for desserts! Yes they’ve got some drool worthy desserts too!
    1. Oreo Parfait definitely took #1 in my heart and belly! Love how perfectly crunchy and smooth it was, the crunchy orea bits and the smooth, creamy parfait! Not too sweet that you feel dizzy in your head, just the perfect amount to satisfy your sweet craving! 
    2. Red Velvet Pancake with Cream Cheese: Took a break from the usual pancakes with chocolate/maple/honey syrup! I was the first to try these red babies with cream cheese! Loved the combination of fluffy pancakes and cream cheese! I would say this would be the perfect breakfast dish! You also get the red velvet pancakes with chocolate syrup. 
    3. Tres Leches: The classic Tres Leches dessert. Moist sponge cake soaked in milk. Topped with berries, pomegranate and whipped cream.



    The interiors of Coffeetea are classy and elegant. Dominated with wooden interiors and green colored seating. There’s a cupboard filled with books and table games making it a perfect hangout with friends or even just to enjoy some time by self.

    They have a gorgeous outside seating area overlooking the corniche! With the weather getting better you can find me there!

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