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Fen Restaurant and Cafe

Fen is a minimalistic cozy little restaurant and café located in Sharjah Heritage Village. White colored theme with a little pop of color here and there! Very simple, yet very modern and elegant.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fen had launched their breakfast menu recently and I was eager to try out some dishes.

I went for something unusual. Ochuzake is a Japanese breakfast dish. Steamed rice topped with salmon flakes and seaweeds and you pair it with your choice of tea – corn tea, Sencha or Genmaicha. I paired it with Sencha. I love rice and so this dish was probably the breakfast I wouldn’t mind having every day!

Who doesn’t love a good benedict right? Ordered the Salmon Benedict and oh boy did I love it! The runny egg centre and the salmon, so perfect together!

Lamb Prosciutto on toast – Honestly I ordered this dish for the Halloumi cheese! Homemade Prosciutto on top of toasted sourdough, roasted tomatoes, blackberries and drizzled with sage oil. Yummy!

I also ordered a healthy breakfast option, the Organic Chia Pudding. Mix berries and yogurt flakes on organic sugar free coconut milk. I did feel the pudding tasted sour with all that berries.

Hassan Sharif is a very well celebrated Emirati artist known for his work “I’m the single work artist”. Fen has an exclusive menu inspired by Hassan Sharif. The menu focusses on shapes and colors. I tried the Diagonal lines and the dessert Pile.

The dish ‘Diagonal Lines’ was one of the starter dishes from the special menu. Potato and purple yum gnocchi sauteed with thyme, served with ube puree and radicchio sauce, garnish with edible purple pansies, puff wild rice and grated balsamic chunks.
I noticed that a lot of the dishes did have the incorporation of Ube or the color purple which I found very interesting.

Desert pile looked absolutely creative. A pile of 4 different flavored cakes wrapped with fruit leather of the respective flavors! We had banana, vanilla with mango filling, strawberry and Ube. The presentation was top notch and the taste was quite unique. Loved the Ube one the best.


The best bit obviously! Fen has a variety of desserts with different flavors and textures and presentation!

Mango sorbet – This one was definitely one of my favorites in taste as well as presentation. Delicious mango sorbet with vanilla ice cream, biscuit crumbles and edible flowers. 

Sugar-free Matcha Pannacotta – Also realized Fen has some healthy sugar free options so you don’t really have to compromise on that diet you’re trying to follow! Made with soy milk and dates, served with Koshi Anko Paste and drizzled Pumpkin seed oil. A dessert that looks beautiful and tastes very unique! (Dominant flavour of Matcha)

Ube Leche Flan – Another purple dessert . This one is sugar free too! Ube flavored base cake with Leche flan on top.

Drinks :

I tried their two main special Ube dinks, The cold Ube latte and the Hot Ube Latte (Pictured above). Loved the cold one more than the hot. Thick and delicious. Also tried the classic Strawberry Mojito. Definitely refreshing!



Absolutely loved the presentation of the dishes and how they’ve tried to bring in a lot of variety and flavors not usually found around in the area. Id definitely recommend trying the breakfast dishes!


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