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Jolie Café – Floral Paradise

This quaint little café in City Walk looks straight out of your Floral dreams! Walls adorned with beautiful flowers and pretty interiors, this cafe has definitely got into my favorite list! Jolie means pretty in French, the first impression while you walk in is that of a meadow when at spring! They’ve great staffs that go out their way to welcome us and make us feel special. The entire café has everything related to flowers and floral that definitely makes it a floral paradise.

jolie cafe


I ordered their Rose Cardamon Chai Latte. The presentation of the drink itself is bound to make you feel special! Flowers, roses makes every girl feel special right? Well, my chai came with rose petals in it. The tray held a fresh bush of flowers, a rose and my pretty chai latte. Taste wise, the chai was milkier than expected. Personally I wouldn’t say it was the best chai latte I’ve had, but presentation wise, nothing would top this!

chai latte

chai latte


For drinks, I also ordered the Almond Cinnamon Cold Brew. Absolutely loved this cold brew. It was so cool and soothing for me! The Almond + Cinnamon combination was loved!

almond cinnamon cold brew


From the breakfast options I ordered the Jolie Breakfast Burger. Well his burger was definitely one hell of a burger. Filled with avocados, lettuce, tomatoes with salsa verde, one organic fried egg and sautéed mushrooms, this one would keep me loaded way past lunch time too! If you’re looking for a heavy delicious breakfast, then this is what you should order.

breakfast burger


The café is so surreal, emiting positivity and flower power. I’d definitely be coming back to this beautiful meadow.

They also have flower boutique and catering. Contact them at

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