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Top 5 favorites from Logma

Born and raised in Dubai my entire life, you can only imagine my love towards mandis, karak teas and lugaimats and anything Arabic.

I’m listing down my top 5 from Logma, that i surely order at least each time i visit them.


  1. Logma samboosas

    Logma is known for their delicious irresistible samboosas! Cheese samboosas are my all time favorite, it;s got cream cheese and oman chips. Now you know why, cheese+oman chips most memorable combination every kid who grew up in UAE! Soft and creamy inside and crisp outside. Beef and chicken samboosas are equally delicious too. (AED32)



  1. Chicken Shawarma

    Chicken shawarma is my main dish that i order each time. I prefer this over the Logma rice as well. The shawarma is filled with delicious marinated chicken with lettuce, juicy tomatoes, pickled cucumber and garlic mayonnaise. Trust me , it is very very filling! (AED32)



  1. Beef Paratha

    Yes, Logma recently added an entire section dedicated to parathas and delicious fillings. Absolutely love these taco shaped parathas. Soft beef pieces  topped with crunchy oman chips! Best of both worlds. (AED38)

    beef paratha


  1. Lotus Karak cake with Caramel Iced Coffee

    In desserts, i absolutely recommend this cool combination. Sweet milk and karak cake topped in abundance with lotus crumbles and sip on some cool Caramel Lotus coffee.

    lotus cake


  1. Rahash Fondant with Saudi Tea

    I love love love this combination. The warm dark chocolate oozing out paired with a bit of cold ice cream, sipping on to Saudi tea. This is the perfect sweet ending to my meal at Logma!



Are you favorites on your list? What are you favorites? What would you recommend? Comment below!


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