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One cafe by Life’n One – Prettiest vegan cafe in Dubai

Dubai is ranked as one of the most happening and stylish cities in the world. The city is always buzzing. Be it work, studies or at home, one is always on the go. And sometimes you just stress yourself out so much, You need something to destress your mind and body. LifenOne is such a place that provides wellness to mind and body. They have effective yoga and Pilate sessions. The place gives out such great vibes. Motivational quotes and relaxing paintings everywhere. They also have rooms that can be rented if you want to conduct personal classes. Their outdoor yoga space is just so beautiful, with pretty colored cushions, mats, paintings on the wall. You can find Buddha statues around reflecting peace and calm. They also have an area where they sell such gorgeous dresses, ecological bags and shirts.

Right behind LifenOne, is the most relaxing and gorgeous ‘One café ‘. They have such a pretty garden, the tables and chair look like raw wood cut and placed as furniture, totally giving this raw, natural look. They have pretty swings, where you could just sit on all day long reading a book, or just admiring the nature. One café is completely vegan and organic and has gluten – free food. So healthy and much needed for the body.

We ordered the The Rocket-man and Tumeric smoothie.
The Rocket-man has a great mix of ingredients. Got almond cashew coconut milk, Turkish coffee, cacao, tahini (yes!), coconut sugar, vanilla and sea salt. The drink predominantly tasted of just coffee.
Everyone knows turmeric is the Golden potion. Turmeric shake consisted of almond milk, mango, banana, coconut oil, turmeric (ofcourse!), cinnamon, ginger and chia seeds. The drink predominantly tasted of banana.




Then came the Sandwich Verde, if I could just judge something by its look, I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to try it. But oh boy, probably one of the best veggie sandwiches I have tasted in my life. The sandwich had avocado slice (yummmmm) and spinach, vegan cottage cheese, pesto verde served with some crunchy zucchini chips. So delicious and healthy.


sandwich verde


Then came the Zucchini pasta. Filled with flavor, the pasta did not disappoint either.

zuccini pasta


Next came the Vegan burger. Honestly, I wasn’t so excited about the burger, because I consider veg burgers to be boring. Never have I been so wrong about something. The burger was absolutely delicious.  Best part? Their burger buns are gluten free and in-house made, with aubergine, pickles and super delicious vegan mayo.

vegan burger


Now it was time for some guilt-free indulgence. Desserts! Yaay!
Particularly excited about the Ice- cream sandwich. Looked so very delicious. Home-made forest berry sauce (yum), nuts, coconut milk, cacao, berries and vanilla. Such a mouthwatering dessert.
Then came the raw fudge served with goji berry and Himalayan salt. This was my personal favorite, so creamy and soft, devoured.



We also ordered the raw donuts and the raw, vegan cheese cake.
Raw donuts sounded really interesting, delicious matcha and cinnamon flavored donuts. Not fried, tasted something like the set Indian desserts.

desserts flat lay


Tried the mango flavored raw and vegan cheese cake. The dessert looked so pretty that I didn’t want to destroy it by eating (LOL). Cheesecake came in a small jar, with some sliced strawberries and edible flowers. Absolutely loved it. We ended our meal with some delicious Hibiscus tea.



african greyI was completely in love with how the place looked. All the dishes came in such pretty colored cutlery.  The day was so perfect to just sit outside. The best part about this café is that it’s pet friendly! There were a couple of families/couples that came with their adorable dogs (dog paradise alert). They also have this cute little birdy with a bright red tail that (how cool).
Definitely, recommending this place to all those needing some peace, relaxation and a connect with oneself and nature.






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