Top 5 favorites from Logma

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Born and raised in Dubai my entire life, you can only imagine my love towards mandis, karak teas and lugaimats and anything Arabic. I’m listing down my top 5 from Logma, that i surely order at least each time i visit them.   Logma samboosas Logma is known for their delicious irresistible samboosas! Cheese samboosas are my allRead more

Apple and Honey – Your natural aid to glowing skin

Sometimes you get so held up with work and other responsibilities that you unknowingly neglect your skin, you could be too tired to remove that makeup, and you could be too tired to apply that moisturizer. All these, over the period makes your skin dull, acne prone, uneven skin tone etc. I sometimes find myselfRead more


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Roux is a homegrown modern eatery newly opened in City Walk Phase 2. A unique concept where a bakery, market place, and cafe all put together at one spot. Roux sources all its ingredients from local farms, their effort to promote and support farming in the country. The ambiance is perfect with its beautiful orange lights hanging and their Green Wall (wallRead more

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