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Ravioli & Co

I am so glad I could try out this gem of an Italian restaurant located in DIFC. If you’re reading this and haven’t been to this restaurant, I HIGHLY recommend you go check out this place!

The interiors are rustic giving an antique feel. The wooden tables, laced cushions, the chandelier, the paintings, the worn-out wall paint – all of it gives you the right ambiance to enjoy and have a great Italian meal. 

For starters we ordered the classics – Burrata and Arancini
Ordering a burrata from an Italian place is a must for me. Somewhere deep down I judge a restaurant by tasting the classics! I feel getting the classics right is a huge thing! Need to say that the salad was delightful! The soft texture of cheese served with tomatoes and olives.

The arancini was a bit distinct seen from other restaurants. The arancini was quite big in size, had meat ragout and mozzarella for fillings, floating in arrabiatta sauce. Crunchy on the outside and soft meat filling on the inside, the mix of textures was good.
For drinks we ordered a Rose and Jasmine Ale.

Since the name, we were pretty sure we would order the Ravioli for mains. Additionally we also ordered the Tagliatelle and Gnocchi.

I am not kidding when I say that this ravioli is one of the best tasted in Dubai!
The dish is called ‘Tortelli Al Profumo Di Timo’ -stuffed with lamb and thyme, this one is their best selling and a must try!!

Under the gnocchi segment I ordered the ‘Gnocchi Carbonara’ that includes egg, parmesan and topped with crispy bacon. I would say I have tasted better one, but this one did not disappoint. 
The tagliatelle I tried is named as ‘Tagliatelle Al Ragout Di Fassona’ – delectable Tagliatelle with beef Ragout. The dish is very saucy and filling.

Finally for desserts we got the Tiramisu (obviously, not ordering a tiramisu from an Italian restaurant is sin) but this one with a twist – Nutella!
I must say the dessert can be shared with 3 people, very rich and creamy. The obvious coffee taste with a hint of Nutella. We also tried the chocolate molten cake served with Pistachio. The chocolate center paired with the ice cream was great too!


The service is fantastic, you’re served a smiling face. They also have an open kitchen.
All in all, loved the place and will definitely be visiting again for the Ravioli!

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