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Roux is a homegrown modern eatery newly opened in City Walk Phase 2. A unique concept where a bakery, market place, and cafe all put together at one spot. Roux sources all its ingredients from local farms, their effort to promote and support farming in the country.

The ambiance is perfect with its beautiful orange lights hanging and their Green Wall (wall with plant creepers on it).




Started off the with The Ultimate Fries. Well, everyone knows what a sucker for cheesy fries I am. So that wasn’t hard to decide on. In fact I had already decided on getting anything cheesy and fries-y. Fries loaded with creamy Parmesan, parsley, jalapenos and chives, did literally feel like the Ultimate fries I have had till date.


ultimate fries


Next came the Goat’s Root salad, and boy, was it very delicious and healthy. The Goat cheese was so rich, and the salad was filled with such flavor. Set on a bed of beetroot and roasted pecans, giving it a slight sweet flavor as well. I could easily savor one more of the plate, without any guilt, well you know its a salad and its healthy 😛

goats root salad


Almost forgot to order the drinks. Well, fixing on one drink was definitely hard. So I finally short-listed to two of their best sellers – The Crimson and Iced-Mocha. I loved The Crimson drink. Red and enticing, this drink is a mix of cherry, pomegranate and hibiscus was very refreshing. Tasted as amazing as how it looked.

I loved the concept of Roux’s Iced Mocha. The drink is served with the glass filled with Espresso Ice cubes and warm milk poured over along with Chocolate sauce. Perfect for winter evenings.




My mains had hit the table. Medallions, the steak dish is Wagyu beef medallions served with honey roasted parsnips, the parsnips giving a delicious crunch. I got my steak full done, and it was soft and delicious.




My next main dish was the Grilled Salmon. Atlantic salmon fillet served with seasoned grilled asparagus, slow roasted cherry tomatoes and drizzled pesto sauce. This dish was pleasing to my eyes as well as my taste buds.


grilled salmon


Finally the desserts! Hot chocolates are my winter time favorite. So when I saw the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, I did not have to think twice. Of course, I got the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate!! Such a perfect blend of house-made chocolate and red velvet. The lower layer of the drink is the chocolate, and with each sip you get the best of both. Thoroughly enjoyed my dessert drink.




I had such a wonderful experience at Roux, the service was fantastic, the manager Lutfi was such an amazing host, guiding me through the session. Definitely coming back for my favorites – Ultimate Fries, Crimson, Medallions and Red Velvet Hot Chocolate.


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