Sah Wah Dee Phuket!

I’d describe Phuket as a cleaner Kerala with beautiful blue beaches. Coconut trees, pineapple farms and cute little houses. There are a few reasons why i’d visit Phuket again. But before I get into those reasons, i’ll give a summary of how I reached, where I stayed in Phuket, also an answer to if Phi phi islands or James Bond island is better!

We booked our flights with Air Asia Kochi – Kuala Lampur – Phuket. We had a total of 9hrs+. A mere 3.5 hours till KUL and then we had about 4-5hrs transit time and then another 1.5hrs till HKT. Airasia was my cheapest option, its a low cost carrier so don’t expect meals (unless pre-ordered), also no TV – Thanks God for Netlix ‘download and watch later’ option. I had Stranger Things to my company (While bae slept like a baby). Our total flight fare per person (return) was AED920.

Kuala Lampur airport is huge and has a lot of activities to keep you busy! In the Sama-Sama lounge, you get drinks, food and entertainment for 3 hours. There’s a free movie lounge (The TV is semi damaged though). There is spas & massages. The food court is impressive too! Treated myself to a bowl of steaming hot ramen at 3 in the morning! Stuffed myself with cliche Starbucks coffee and their tempting mud brownie!

Once in Phuket,we got an airport taxi for THB600 till our hotel in Old Phuket Town. We stayed in a small little hotel called Hotel Besavana.

Butttttt I’d totally recommend checking out Hotel Nyonya. We so wanted to get a room there, but unfortunately it was all booked out. It’s a huge beautiful property and has lots of amenities within.

Now coming into the reasons why I’d come back to Phuket –

1. Old Phuket Town: I’d say this is the centre of Phuket. I am so glad I stayed here! There are some beautiful hostels too. The olden architecture with the influence of Portuguese style is so beautiful against the blue skies. I’d say that the Old town architecture is very similar to the one in Pondicherry.

2. Coffee shops : I was shook by the number of coffee shops just around where i stayed! Every 4th step showed me a coffee shop. I realized the love towards coffee is equally shared in this city. Thai coffee is a must try when in the city. It is bitter, strong and so delicious. The Thai biscuits go well with the coffee. The biscuits are tiny and slightly spiced. The cafes are so beautiful, the interiors are aesthetic and instgrammable AF.

3. Wontons, pork and Chinese steamed buns : Pork is found in abundance in all the restaurants, we loved the fried pork wontons! I reunited with my much missed love steamed buns after HKG. But honestly, I like the ones in HKG a little bit more than the ones tried in Phuket.

4. Durian Desserts, coconut chips and Lay : Durian desserts are a huge thing in Thailand! Durian (or what we malayalees say CHAKKA) is presented on ice shavings, ice creams, rolls coated with durian cream and the list goes on. I was quite shook seeing the varieties. Packet coconut chips are also a common snack seen, quite addictive. But I’d warn you, finishing an entire packet on your own is going to make you feel sick (guilty smile)! I wondered why us ‘mallus’ never ventured out into these options back in Kerala (thinks hard).
Lay is the ‘Lays’ of Thailand. They have some really amazing flavors like Hot chilli squid flavor and Lobster flavor! I’d shift to Phuket only for these!

5. Kopitiam By Wilai : I am specifically putting this restaurant as a reason to come back. You can imagine how much we loved this restaurant. This was right next to our hotel (we thank all our stars for it). We had our lunches and dinners from this restaurant. Good service and amazing food! High value for money. The quantity is really filling too. We needed people to drag us till the hotel (LOL) The name Kopitiam means coffee/tea cafe, but this restaurant is much more than just a cafe. Their pad thai & Khai Pad Med Ma Muang was amazing!

6. Island hopping : It felt like I was living my full time dream life, just island hopping at Phuket! From Phi Phi to Kah Samoi, the blue-green waters to Snorkeling. The islands, the sand, the waters looked just like paradise. The weather was perfect. We got around the islands in a speed boat. Those with motion sickness is highly advised to take pills before. Our sweet guide had it all with her.
We first got out to the monkey island, hung out with the cute but mischievous monkeys. We then did snorkeling, well technically bae did since I chickened out (don’t ask me more)! Then we proceeded to Phi Phi for some delicious buffet lunch. Phi Phi waters were so beautiful, we strolled around with some delicious coconut ice creams in our hands! Our last island stop was at Koh Samui, we spend around 2 hours in the waters, we had some amazing cocktails from a reggae cafe and more ice creams!

Now coming to the question is Phi Phi or James Bond island better? This is the reply i had from a person from my island hopping group – He said that Phi Phi island is beautiful and has much more things to do. Whereas, James Bond island is just the rock in the center and that’s about it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit both the islands. But, as per our bike rental guy, Phi Phi is much more beautiful!

We explored around Phuket with our cute ride Scoopy. We rode till Pattong City and the famous Walking Street. The Pattong beach was visibly dirty. It started raining, we halted for about 45 mins. Funnily, exactly when we got our raincoats from the family mart the rain stopped (LOL).

Phuket was a short,quick but definitely a sweet bae-cation 😉

Phuket, Until next time 🙂

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