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The Living Room

The place is a definition of a chic pretty pink paradise. The interiors are inspired by the modern Majlis. The cafe is small and cozy, the seating has quirky cushions that of an Arab lady with Burka and cactus! The cafe is very instgrammable, specially their rad pink shelf with Arabic themed phone covers! They also have a few seats outside the store giving us the central view of the mall! 

The cafe serves specialty coffees, tea and cakes! All of their dishes revolve around the color pink (and a few blues)! The ‘pink lattes’, ‘the candy floss’, ‘tea on clouds’ has an element pink as the name suggests. The menu is simple and not very elaborate. The presentation of each item is carefully done sticking with the theme and sure to increase traffic to your IG page! 😉 

We started with coffees. We got the ‘Him & Her’ – Blue and pink lattes (without coffee) so its basically sweet warm milk with color. The taste literally got back childhood memories of drinking milk in the morning before school. The pink and blue color drink is super cute for a date too! Guys (and girls, can we live in an equal world?) bookmark this place for your next date! 

We also got the Candy Floss drink. Warning – Very very Instaworthy! Make sure you take a video while pouring the espresso over the cotton candy! Milk, coffee and ice cream – once melted and mixed together tastes like a sweet treat.  

Probably the only dessert that intrigued me – Chocolate with Oman Chips. Exactly! The exact same thoughts you’re having right on earth can Oman chips ( a staple for the millennial) and chocolate be ever paired together? I was very ready to bash the dessert saying it doesn’t work out. Damn, I’ve never been so wrong about something in life! YES! it actually tastes GREAT! The rich creamy chocolate cake and the crispy chilli flavour goes so well together! One spoon literally takes you for a ride. The sweet rich creamy cake..and -BAM- the chilli taste and -BAM- mixes together and  tastes great! The cake is topped with Oman chips, the inside is rich creamy chocolate. I highly recommend you guys try this one! I liked it, you might not. But you gotta try it! 

In the cakes category, we got the Oreo milk cake. We wanted to try the pink karak milkcake, but since we were there by 10:40ish in the morning and the cafe was still getting into the grind, it was not available. The milkcake was average, id say that i have had better milkcakes. I would suggest you would give the oreo milkcake a pass. 

I would give the cafe a 5/5 in terms of interiors and theme and a 3.5/5 in terms of taste. I do feel its a restricted rating as i tried only a few out of the menu. I  will definitely be back to try out more 🙂




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