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“You got buns, Hun?”

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”  Haha, no im not talking about Niki Minaj song, I am talking about the latest addition to the gastronomy scene in Dubai. None other than That Place, located in Jumeirah. Apart from the quirky name, the joint is unique for the reason that they serve only buns!

Before you make any conclusion that it would be boring let me explain – they’ve got buns ranging from Shawarma buns to biriyani buns, satisfying your Desi-Arab soul! whaaaaaa…

They’ve got a very interesting menu with certain bun fusions that would surprise you.

One of that was the Shawarma tower – This fusion was undeniably mind blowing! Loaded with cheese, garlic sauce and shawarma chicken slices, wait that’s not it. The buns are topped with Oman chips too! There were 4 buns and could easily serve 3 people!



Maggi is special, Maggi is a feeling, and Maggi is something that could unite 100s together.
I remember my mother chopping in all the veggies in Maggi, just so that I would eat them veggies!
Going forward, Maggi played such a vital role in surviving through rainy days, broke days, hunger pangs during college days! That Place has got a special dish called Fried Curry Maggi Cheese stick. Maggi masala mixed with cheese dipped in a batter and then fried to perfection. And I had all those beautiful memories coming back!



Biryani bun- This was another combination that excited me. How could one possibly imagine buns and biryani together, but That Place definitely exceeded my expectations. What might look like just biryani rice, but they got Chicken tikka buns inside! (Done judge a book by its cover)
You can even personalize you spice preference, from low to high.



The Forest Baby. – This one reminded me of pizza, mainly because of the 3 main pizza ingredients tomato sauce, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes. The filling also includes spinach, feta, pesto sauce, mushrooms. Who wouldn’t love the Forest, Baby? 😉



Strawberry Bun – This one is the latest addition to their dessert menu. Apart from the chocolate and lotus dessert buns, they’ve also got soft buns filled with in-house strawberry jams and topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup and pecans! Right out of your dessert dream.



The ambience was cute and quirky. There were quirky food related quotes and hangings on the wall. The interiors were aesthetically pleasing, with aqua green walls and pretty seating. Shakes and iced coffees are served in quirky owl shaped mugs. They food is served on pretty black marble tiles. They’ve even got games like jenga making That Place a perfect hangout spot in Dubai.


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